You wouldn’t park your Ferrari on the street, so why not give your precious watch collection the protection it deserves?

Our range of watch and jewelry safes from ArmandoG offer the possibility of combining the Swiss made SwissKubiK watch winders with a variety of drawers to hold your jewelry. Thanks to the modular system each safe can be configured to individual client requirements. The URSUS M safe is a Grade III safe as per the European Norm EN1143-1 and can hold up to 24 SwissKubiK watch winders or a combination of watch winders and jewelry drawers. Of course you do not have to completely fill the safe immediately, you can start with any number of watch winders and add as your watch collection grows. Each winder operates autonomously on 2 standard C cell batteries with a life span of 3 Years. The unique LED switch at the front of the unit, which normally flashes green, will start to flash red when the batteries need to be replaced. The URSUS M safe is available in a matt black finish, high quality lacquer finish or in a leather finish.

There is also the option of a security glass door to allow optimal viewing for your watch collection. If you have any additional customization requirements contact us directly.