Luxury Products International is pleased to announce the launch of the new limited edition Pop Art series of SwissKubiK watch winders. The now iconic term Pop Art refers to an art movement that began in the UK in the 1950’s and a few years later started to develop in the USA.
Elements of Pop Art employ aspects of popular culture such as advertising or comic books. SwissKubiK have selected a few of these iconic images to create the new Pop Art collection of SwissKubiK watch winders. Betty Boop is an iconic character whose origins date back to the 1930’s. Originally based on a cartoon character created by Max Fleischer, she very quickly became one of the best-known cartoon characters in the world. In addition to the attention to detail and Swiss technology embodied in their watch winders, SwissKubiK have also produced a true homage to Betty Boop in this new limited edition watch winder series.




SK01.CV_.SOUP-CANReminiscent of the by now famous soup can created by Andy Warhol, SwissKubiK respect their own heritage with their own version in this new series of Pop Art Swiss-made watch winders. Designed and manufactured in Geneva, SwissKubiK is the first watch winder ever to be developed in the cradle of the Swiss luxury watch-manufacturing region.

We present the SwissKubiK Pop Art Soup Can Watch Winder.