Agresti Strong & Panic Room


On a recent visit to the Maison & Objet exhibition in Paris we met with Paolo Agresti. The Agresti Company from Florence, Italy are true artisans of luxury since 1949. Agresti represents a true benchmark for innovative luxury products crafted in wood, leather and a variety of other materials. In a long tradition of Florentine craftsmanship, design, function, quality and luxury are the features that make Agresti creations unique. This year Agresti presented their latest innovative product “The Strong & Panic Room”. This exclusive strong room embodies luxury, technology and safety right in the heart of your own home. This modular system can be customized in terms of materials and size and can be assembled in any building both existing and new-build. The strong room is constructed of steel walls with sound isolation and has an armoured door elegantly lined with leather that opens with a biometric opening device.

The strong room can be customized with storage and watch winders to accommodate the requirements of both the lady and the gentleman. Agresti is also a company that has integrated the Swiss Watch Winding Technology of SwissKubiK into this and indeed many other innovative creations. In the event of a break in the room also acts as a luxury panic room. The room has its own dedicated piping and wiring, air-conditioning, telephone, 4G connectivity, Wi-Fi Hotspot and radio links to allow calling for help. CCTV records all activity in the proximity and an independent power system will guarantee a continuous energy supply in the event of wires being cut.

For further information on Agresti products contact Tony on 347-329-2971